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Automotive Dealership Shelving Overview

For your automotive dealership, no matter what the size of your operation, AME Vertical offers you the possibility to optimize your floor space, as well giving your dealership a look that is modern and attractive with vertical racks. What makes AME Vertical different from all of the other “racking and shelving” companies out there is that we know and understand your market, your brand and we DESIGN parts room for you. We like to start with the architectural drawings from the very beginning. This helps you save time and money and get the best layout for your operation. However, if the building is already going up, let us take a look at your plans and give you our ideas, and suggestions….best of all, we DON’T CHARGE for this service!


Whether your dealership specializes in automobiles or recreational vehicles (motorcycles, boats, all-terrain vehicles, trailers, etc.) Rousseau has developed a line of automotive storage products that responds to the strictest of criteria, no matter what type of products you sell at your dealership.


AME Vertical represents automotive storage products that are reputed to guarantee the following: 

  • High Density Storage: Get your smaller, quicker moving parts close to your technician counter. Save 75% or more of floor space with vertical racks and drawer systems. We specialize in getting the most out of your overhead. We simply don’t sell you a “cabinet with drawers”, we look at providing shelving systems, with drawers inserted, to get you the height to store product above the drawers, for faster moving, bulkier parts.
  • An adapted work environment: For the service department, your auto repair technicians will benefit with a work environment that is oriented to their needs, thanks to the multitude of accessories that respond specifically to their current and future requirements.
  • Flexibility: Due to the variety of accessories available, the products can be adapted to virtually any application.
  • Designing a new parts room? Complete CAD drawings are included as part of our FREE CONSULTATION!
  • Protection for your specialized tools: AME Vertical knows how valuable your tools are. AME Vertical modular drawer accessories have been designed to protect your costly tools, no matter what their size or dimension, at the same time giving you the advantage of fast retrieval.
  • Filing and Archiving: AME Vertical has also considered your office space. Whether you are in need of an orderly solution for your paperwork, your client's files, or archival record storage, AME Vertical can supply you with quality solutions that will respond to your needs now and in the future.
  • Strength and Durability: AME Vertical products have been developed to give you a full return on your investment, for many years to come.

In short, your investment in an AME Vertical automotive storage solution will give you a premium product that will bring your dealership the admiration of your clients. From Audi, Ferrari, Ford, Mercedes, Rolls Royce or Saturn, we have the experience with vertical racks to help you! With our wide variety of products and ideas, we can provide the solution that is just right for you all the while keeping your budget numbers in mind.

Choosing the vertical racks and/or racking and shelving layout begins with our FREE CONSULTATION
Call us toll free 888.720.0245 or e-mail for more information!

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